3D Printing in Education

3D Printing is making its way into schools all over the world. And it’s not just schools in Europe or North America that are incorporating 3D printing into their curricula. Here in East Africa, a number of schools are buying and using 3D printers in Design Technology, Arts, IT and other courses to help prepare their students to be the Innovators of the Future. In these courses, students learn how to design and work the the printers directly. Teachers are also using the printers to create prints/models that help them to teach concepts – from biology to mathematics and geography, models help explain otherwise difficult concepts.

3D Printing at the Primary Level

It’s never too early to introduce students to 3D printing as it inspires creativity, develops problem solving skills as well as critical thinking and experimentation.

  • Children get creative – they create their own designs with easy to use software and see them come to life
  • 3D printing projects are great for encouraging team work
  • Students have fun with 3D printing and thus STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) are more interesting

3D Printing at the Secondary Level

In Secondary school, students can really take 3D printing to the next level. In upper grades/levels, students can really get into 3D design/modelling and set themselves up to be the product designers and engineers of the future. In many cases, students improve their skills on their own time and quickly surpass the skills of their teachers!

  • Students get access to cutting-edge technology with 3D printing, which will likely be needed for their future careers
  • They learn about prototyping and manufacturing new products, setting them up to create their own new products or work for great companies
  • 3D printing encourages creativity, problem solving and teamwork – all valuable life skills
  • Models can be printed to explain complex concepts like geometry


3D Printing for Schools from Kuunda 3D

At Kuunda 3D, we are experts in getting 3D printing into schools, and more importantly using 3D printing in education (not printers just sitting in a room not being used!). We do this by:

  • Providing highly reliable Ultimaker 3D printers – starting at 289,000 KES
  • Locally supplying 3D printer filament – we recommend schools purchase 12 rolls of PLA to start with for a year – ~50,000 KES
  • Training for teachers starting at 25,000 KES
  • Ongoing support and warranty implementation (including option to purchase a 3-year warranty extension)
  • Advice on software and resources for integrating into curricula (check out Ultimaker Education and Tinkerine U for just some of this!)

Get in touch with us at info@kuunda3d.com to get a proposal for your school.

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