In April 2019, Kuunda 3D is going to Nigeria. We are on a mission to explore 3D Printing in Nigeria!

We will be sponsoring and attending the Datasheet conference hosted by Hardware Lagos in Nigeria. This conference is all about hardware product development and will be attended by the maker and entrepreneurial community in Lagos. Kuunda 3D is sponsoring a session by Brenda Livoi, of Gearbox Nairobi, entitled “Prototyping for the Masses”. Gearbox uses three Ultimaker 3D printers in their prototyping process and we are happy to support them as East Africa’s only official Ultimaker distributor.

3D printing Lagos
Kuunda 3D will be at Datasheet in Lagos, April 4-6 2019

Kuunda 3D will be at the conference with an Ultimaker 3D printer on display. We will be happy to answer any questions about the 3D printers we sell, materials, training and how to incorporate 3D printing into your product design processes. We are here to answer all about 3D printing in Nigeria.

And for anyone outside the hardware product development world, we will be available to meet you from March 30 – April 3. Please get in touch via email to schedule a meeting to discuss your needs.

We’d love to meet with anyone but are particularly interested in speaking to educators and potential resellers.

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  1. My Regard To Mr&Mrs Ziggy Fareed For Kuunda 3D Training Conducted In Kano Today 9 Setember 2019

    1. User Kuunda says:

      You are most welcome!

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