There are 5 stages of Technology Adoption and each one of us falls into a category. With 3D printing, we are seeing a shift into the Early Majority from primarily Early Adopters. And this is a great thing as that means more people and business will be using the power of 3D printing to improve their lives and make their jobs easily.

Which category do you fit into?

Innovators (2.5%)

Innovators are the very first users of a technology. In the 3D printing world, they were the first people to buy the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) kits such as Makerbot’s Thing-O-Matic way back in 2010. They were also the people building their own 3D printers and pushing desktop 3D printing with the Rep Rep project. Innovators helped create the brands we use today.

Early Adopters (13.5%)

Early Adopters are typically young, educated, have high social status, and are more socially forward than later adopters. They tend to become thought-leaders and others look to them for their opinions. These people were probably buying 3D printers in 2012 because they thought it was cool and wanted to learn more about it. Our founder, Elizabeth Rogers, bought her first printer in 2013 for just those reasons 🙂

Early Majority (34%)

Now this is where things get interesting. When the Early Majority adopts a technology, it is becoming commonplace and there is a critical mass of users. Early majority people tend to adopt tech slower, but have a connection to the Early Adopters. They see what they’ve tried and tested and after some time want to adopt it themselves.

This is where we are getting to with 3D printing in many areas around the globe. 3D printers are becoming common tools in schools, universities, institutions and businesses. A good percentage of people have seen or used a 3D printer. Once we are in this space, this is where the real innovation and beauty of 3D printing will be recognized and used. Once people have the power of 3D printing on their minds, we believe amazing things will happen!

This is the Early Majority of 3D Printing AND This is very exciting!!!

Late Majority (34%)

Are you a skeptic? Do you wait until everyone you know has adopted something before you try it out? Then you are likely in the Late Majority. These people don’t want to try something new themselves; they prefer others to take the risks and they will take it up later.

Laggards (16%)

Laggards are late to the game and don’t tend to have much thought leadership or opinions on technology. They tend to be older in age and with lower social status. Think of your grandmother who just joined Facebook, she’s a laggard and it participating at a point of almost complete market saturation.

So who are you?

Likely if you are reading this, you are aware of and into 3D printing. Thus you probably are an Innovator, an Early Adopter or perhaps an Early Majority. Welcome to the world of 3D printing 🙂

Innovation Diffusion Courtesy of Wikipedia

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