The second month at Kuunda 3D as a 3D Printing Technician, I was sent for a week’s training at Build Volume on troubleshooting, servicing and repairing of Ultimaker and Formlabs desktop 3D printers. So, what does that have to do with power plugs? It has everything to do with it since the operation of a 3D printer requires a power connection. But the device in question wasn’t the printer but my laptop.

First, a little history of the development of power plug and socket designs. In the 1890s, Nikola Tesla invented the AC generators; fast forward to 21st Century, we use it to power homesteads and industries. Somehow; as humanity, we have agreed that Donald Trump is an asshole, but haven’t figured out how to have a universal power socket. Different countries have different power plugs. Well, that’s not bad until you travel to a country with a power socket design different from yours. As a person who has encountered these two experiences, I would be telling the truth if I said that it felt like a soft kick to the privates.

With no particular standards, power was distributed as the respective nations’ felt fit, and we ended up with distribution as shown in the infographic below. (Courtesy of SomnusDe) Clearly, the comfort of and peace of mind of an average traveller who needs to power an electronic device was not put into consideration.

I head down to a local store, to get a fix; only to realize my budget wasn’t up to the task.

But this was. Only that it wasn’t a type G that I required. This is life serving me lemons alongside Mexican chillis and vinegar on a silver platter.

But when you think about it, all you need to power your gadget is to get the conductive contacts of the power cable and perhaps a grounding pin for safety into the AC power supply socket. The work at hand was to properly place the holes to guide.the pins of my power cable into the power outlet. A few minutes into Fusion 360 and printing PLA and Breakaway using Ultimaker 3 I moved from:

To this:

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Oasis Phekonyana, your kindness will be remembered forever.

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