3D Printing Spare Parts

There are endless applications for 3D printing, but here in Tanzania, one big application is printing spare parts that would otherwise be difficult to find. Often parts need to be ordered in from abroad and the import process can take ages. And if it’s just for a simple small part, it may not be worth the shipping cost.

Well, with 3D printing, we can print all types of parts and gadgets and widgets. One of our customers recently asked us to print a knob for his car. He had searched Dar es Salaam for a plastic knob for his air conditioner in his car, with no success. So, he looked online on Thingiverse, and managed to find the exact design he needed (thanks to designers all over the world who create and share their designs for free). He emailed it to us and we printed him two knobs so he could get his A/C back running. The prints took about 2 hours each and we printed them in some nice colours to spice up his ride 🙂

We believe these types of applications will help increase 3D printing in Tanzania. We save our customers time, money and the headache of searching for the right parts. And they get to customize their parts by printing in their favourite colours, or changing up the design a bit. We love this!!!

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