Designing & Printing Custom Parts

A few weeks ago a piece from our luku (pre-paid electricity meter) machine broke, so we decided to put our 3D design skills to the test by designing a new one instead of going through the tedious process of replacing the entire machine. Using a pair of digital calipers and 123D Design software, it only took five iterations to re-create the piece. We ran into some issues trying to get the piece to lock down perfectly into the ridges at the top and bottom of the slot. However, with some experimentation we were able to design a piece that fit perfectly into the slot and was strong enough to hold the batteries down. Watching the piece sit perfectly inside the machine was a pretty satisfying feeling after all that hard work!


3D printing allows you to conveniently prototype products and produce multiple iterations quickly. Let us know if you have a broken or missing part in any of your appliances or other products and we can design you a new one.



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