Guest Blog: 3D Printing with Special Filaments

This post is from one of our customers, Gowtham, who is using special filaments to make some amazing products, like mobile phone cases. Enjoy and thanks to Gowtham for sharing his experience & thoughts with us!

3D Printing in General:
I did not have any previous experience 3D printing apart from taking an introduction class a couple of months ago and reading journals and websites about the development of the industry. My decision to buy the 3D printer was purely entrepreneurial. I wanted to make a change in the everyday market with 3D printing for the public. I’ve been printing art, jewelry, accessories for electronic items. I’ve also made quite a start in the medical industry too. I can say 3D printing is like an addiction. As you get more and more perfect prints I feel like I should keep on printing and trying with new and different combinations and filaments. I found the most difficult part to master in 3D printing was to model an object from scratch. Although the others are relatively easy to master with experience I found that modeling with softwares was quite a challenge as we have to use two different softwares to get the perfect STL file. I would say if you have any thoughts about 3D printing at all start it right away. It’s the one stop for all the industries and it’s just a small step away from a big revolution. It’s a wonderful investment and a good skill to have mastered in the future. I don’t have any advice being a beginner as such but I think it’s easy to learn in a couple of days and we can master it as we print more.

Printing with ColorFabb WoodFill & GlowFill:
In my opinion, the Ultimaker Extended 2+ printer redefines the quality of 3D prints. Exotic filaments with the printer make the printing outputs even better. The WoodFill from ColorFabb is an admissible addition to the 3D filament industry. Making it possible for prints to look like wood carved sculptures is has lesser cons than the pros. The only problems we have to face while printing are mastering the settings to get the perfect prints. WoodFill is a bit more fee flowing than normal PLA. Since it tends to get clogged easily a nozzle bigger than 0.4 is highly recommended and also not to let the filament stay in the nozzle for long without getting extruded is also an important point to be noted. The prints mostly come out to be perfect if the settings are mastered. As far as the GlowFill is concerned, the same goes with the settings but since it could cause severe damage to the normal brass nozzle we use for PLA, a steel nozzle is highly recommended. The white colored print that glows at night is definitely a worthy ‘try’ experience to any interested individual in modern architecture and 3D printing. This material mimics white and exhibits fluorescence at night and also gives an interesting experience during printing.

ColorFabb WoodFill
ColorFabb WoodFill