Intro to 3D Printing in December in Dar

This December we will be having our first weekend workshops on 3D printing. Taking place on two Saturdays in December, these will be the first chance for many people to get a look at what 3D printing is, what it can do, and leave having customized a design to be printed!

Ideal for students, these workshops are open to anyone who is interested in seeing 3D printers in action and learning more. We aim to inspire curiosity and creativity, no matter what your age or occupation.

More information can be found in our flyer here.

WHEN: December 5 or December 12 from 2-4pm

WHERE: Slipway Old Cinema / Cheza Studio

COST: $30 USD per participant

INCLUDES: Intro to printing, demo of machine, customizing a model and printing a model (NOTE: there will not be enough time to print all models during the class so some participants will get their prints later)

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