Kuunda 3D wins funding from the Impact Hub

As a young business, it’s a great feeling when others get behind you and support your work. And it’s even better when they provide financial support! After being a member of the Impact Hub in Amsterdam for the past two years, and participating in the Business Model Challenge this year, I was thrilled to find out that they had selected Kuunda 3D to receive funding from the Impactmakers Fund! The Impactmakers Fund was founded to encourage entrepreneurs like me to start, grow, and scale their businesses. They saw Kuunda 3D as an idea that will have a positive impact on society, and I couldn’t be happier to have their backing.

The extra funds will allow me to provide even more educational courses and resources for my customers, and will mean that I can work even more closely with the people of Tanzania to tailor my work to their specific needs. Next month I’ll be taking a 3D printer to a rural village in Tanzania, and will start training the locals on this technology that I believe can create significant change in their everyday lives. A huge thank you to the Impact Hub Amsterdam for supporting me in this journey.

Find out more about the Impactmakers Fund and this funding here.

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