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Kuunda 3D, we sell high quality desktop 3D printers and materials, all imported directly from the manufacturers. With such a variety of 3D printers, we’re confident we can meet your every need. Not sure which one is right for you? Email, call (+254 742345391) or come visit us to see the printers in action.


We sell only top quality, reliable 3D printers that have been tested and used extensively by us. Ultimaker is a Dutch brand and is consistently one of the top brands in the world. Kuunda 3D is the only authorized reseller of Ultimaker in East and West Africa.

Refurbished Ultimaker 2Go 3D Printer

KSh 93000

Refurbished da Vinci Mini XYZ 3D Printer

KSh 20000

Refurbished Tinkerine Ditto+

KSh 45000

Copper3D PLACTIVE AN1, 1.75mm

KSh 9900

Copper3D PLACTIVE AN1, 2.85mm

KSh 9900

FREE Teacher Training

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Ultimaker S3

KSh 479000

Ultimaker 2+

KSh 279000

Ultimaker S5 Air Manager

KSh 100000

Ultimaker S5 Material Station

KSh 329000

Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle

KSh 1088000

Ultimaker S5

KSh 659000

Module 1: Introduction to 3D Printing

KSh 12000

Module 2: Design with TinkerCAD

KSh 15000

Module 3: Advanced 3D Printing

KSh 23000

Module 4: Custom course

KSh 5000

Online Video Training

KSh 8500

Ultrafuse PLA PRO1 (Tough PLA) 1.75mm

KSh 4655

Ultrafuse PLA PRO1 (Tough PLA) 2.85mm

KSh 4655

Ultrafuse HiPS 2.85mm

KSh 4310

Ultrafuse HiPS 1.75mm

KSh 4310

Ultrafuse TPC 45D 1.75mm (Flexible)

KSh 4138

Ultrafuse TPC 45D 2.85mm (Flexible)

KSh 4138

Ultrafuse TPE 60D 1.75mm (Flexible)

KSh 4138

Ultrafuse TPE 60D 2.85mm (Flexible)

KSh 4138

Ultrafuse PET 1.75mm

KSh 3879

Ultrafuse PET 2.85mm

KSh 3879

Ultrafuse PP 1.75mm

KSh 5603

Ultrafuse PP 2.85mm

KSh 5603

Ultimaker CPE (2.85mm)

KSh 4914

Ultimaker CPE+ (2.85mm)

KSh 6466

Ultimaker PP (2.85mm)

KSh 4741

Ultimaker PVA (2.85mm), 350g

KSh 4741

Ultimaker PVA (2.85mm), 750g

KSh 9483

Ultimaker TPU 95A (2.85mm)

KSh 7759

Ultimaker 3

KSh 409000

Ultimaker Tough PLA (2.85mm)

KSh 4310

Zortrax M300 Plus

KSh 515000

Zortrax M200 Plus

KSh 392000

Ultrafuse PLA 1.75mm

KSh 3879

Maintenance Kit for Ultimaker 3 and Ultimaker 3 Extended

KSh 32500

Maintenance Kit for Ultimaker 2+ and Ultimaker 2 Extended +

KSh 32500

Advanced 3D Printing Kit - Ultimaker 3

KSh 16500

Advanced 3D Printing Kit - Ultimaker 2+

KSh 15000

Advanced 3D Printing Kit - Ultimaker 2 Extended+

KSh 15000

Advanced 3D Printing Kit - Ultimaker 3 Extended

KSh 16500

Ultrafuse PLA 2.85mm

KSh 3879

Ultrafuse ABS 1.75mm

KSh 3879

Ultrafuse ABS 2.85mm

KSh 3879

Ultimaker Nylon (2.85mm)

KSh 6466

Ultimaker PLA (2.85mm)

KSh 4052

Ultimaker ABS (2.85mm)

KSh 4052

Ultimaker PC (2.85mm)

KSh 6466

Ultimaker Print Core AA 0.4mm

KSh 15000

Ultimaker 2 Extended+

KSh 339000

Education Basic Bundle

KSh 357000

Education Pro Bundle

KSh 525000

Manufacturing Bundle

KSh 850000

Enhanced Service Plan Ultimaker S5

KSh 150000

Enhanced Service Plan Ultimaker 3

KSh 100000

Enhanced Service Plan Ultimaker 2+

KSh 50000

Ultimaker Original+

KSh 159000