Education & Training

Turn your ideas into reality and learn all about 3D printing and design with one of our educational courses. We offer customized courses ranging from a “What is 3D Printing?” introductory course, to highly technical courses in 3D design for printing, for those looking for something more advance.

For Students & Schools

We teach 3D printing and design at a number of schools around Dar es Salaam. Arrange for us to teach at after-school clubs (like IT or design) or after-class activities. We have curricula for grades 4 (age 9) and up. Our classes cover 3D printing, design and students get their own designs printed to take home.

Kuunda 3D also provides teachers with all the knowledge and content to teach 3D printing and to integrate 3D printing into STEM subjects. Teach concepts such as geometry, via 3D printing.


For Professionals & Entrepreneurs

Take your work or business to the next level with 3D printing. Arrange for a course at your office for your designers, architects, or anyone who is curious about how to integrate 3D printing into your work.

Friday, May 25th there will be a one-day course held in collaboration with Viscar Capacity. Cost is 17,400 kes exclusive VAT. Ideal for manufacturers, architects, product designers and other professionals. More information and registration here:


Contact us for more details.