Saving the Go-Karting Day with 3D Printed Parts

go-kart piece

A few weeks ago a client got in touch with us for an urgent request…there was a go-kart race coming up that weekend and a crucial piece of the go-kart was broken. They wanted to know if we could print them a replacement part in time for the race on Sunday.


The client was able to provide us with a 3D printable 3D model (like a CAD file) on Friday evening, and we printed it on Saturday while we were giving a demo at the Gadget Shop, at Sea Cliff Village in Dar es Salaam. Unfortunately, half-way through the print, the power cut and we had to start again. We still had time though and their part was printed and ready for pick-up by 5pm 🙂

The piece fit perfectly and was used in the go-karting on Sunday!

go-kart on

We printed this piece on an Ultimaker 2+, with 100% infill and supports on the bed, to make it as strong as possible in PLA plastic.

go-kart printing

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