Discover how manufacturers, educators, engineers, designers, architects and medical professionals are using 3D printing to shrink product lead times, achieve cost savings and empower the next generation.


3D printing is a powerful tool for educators looking for innovative technologies to incorporate into their curricula. Prepare pupils and students for tomorrow’s world, today. 3D printing in education provides unique learning opportunities across science, technology, engineering, art, and maths.

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Medical & Dental

3D printing is increasingly used in the medical field for a number of applications as medical professionals can give patients the personalized healthcare they expect as well as improving accuracy and outcomes. 3D models bring scans to life for added certainty and preparation.

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Reduce reliance on time- and labor-intensive model making

From evaluating early concepts to impressing a client and winning business, 3D models are central to how architects design and communicate. Using 3D printing can reduce model-making times from months to days, and allows complex geometries that couldn’t be made in any other way.

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